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Atlantic Salmon Population Data in New England Rivers

Fish Skin Binding

Salmon parchment, fishing line, paper, handmade paper, ink, graphite, red onion skin dye


April 2023

The book is a salmon parchment-bound collection of data tables regarding salmon populations and management in New England rivers. Sewn onto the cover with fishing line are pieces of salmon parchment dyed in onion skins and stamped with the names of the data tables used. The edges are decorated in graphite, which adds to the shiny fishiness of the design. The endsheets are handmade paper with bits of plant material, which evokes the feeling of standing in a river.

All of the salmon parchment used was made by me, the binder, out of skins procured from a local sushi shop.

This book was on display at the 2023 Continuing Craft exhibit at North Bennet Street School.

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