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Folklore Fish

Fish Skin Binding

Salmon skin, paper, board, gold, copper, hazelnut shell dye, rabbit skin glue


March 2023

Three miniature books inspired by folktales involving fish. Full semi-limp bindings in salmon parchment made by the binder (me), sewn on salmon parchment tapes, red-orange Lynweave tipped endsheets. They were on display at the North Bennet Street School's 2023 Beyond Bookbinding exhibition.

Dragon Gate (Chinese): Rough edge gilding on three sides, surface gilding

Salmon Boy (Haida-Tlingit-Tsimshian): Marbled top edge, extra tapes woven across the cover, copper tooling

Salmon of Wisdom (Irish): Nine salmon parchment sewing tapes tanned in hazelnut shells and plaited into the covers

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